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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

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Friday, June 26th, 2009
  • "Chris Kelly, the Californian web company's chief privacy officer, the five-year-old startup has been engaging in talks with government officials in various countries for some time, but its growing size and importance means it is essential they "understand our philosophy".

    He said: "There is a concern we've had for some time that – in a well-meaning attempt to protect consumers – legislators or regulators would end up passing laws that would keep people from the beneficial sharing of information." Jim ­Killock, the executive director of the Open Rights Group, which campaigns for the rights of British citizens online, says technology companies are increasingly choosing to exert pressure at European level, rather than in more tightly monitored environments, such as Westminster."

  • "presents the state of the art of search interface design, based on both academic research and deployment in commercial systems
    Topics include:

    * How to Design Search User Interfaces
    * How to Evaluate Search User Interfaces
    * Models of the Information Seeking Process
    * Search Interfaces Fundamentals, including:
    o Query Specification
    o Presentation of Search Results
    o Query Reformulation
    * Advanced Topics, including:
    o Integrating Navigation with Search
    o Personalization in Search
    o Information Visualization and Search
    o Mobile Search
    o Social Search
    o Multimedia Search "

  • Easy web site creation. Most convincing feature: you can host it on your own (sub)domain.
    For those occasions when even an auto-installed WP at Dreamhost is too much work.
    The clean urls still allow you to migrate afterwords BTW.

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