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Saturday, August 29th, 2009

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Friday, August 28th, 2009
  • [Multitaskers are] "suckers for irrelevancy. Everything distracts them."
    "They couldn't help thinking about the task they weren't doing," Ophir said. "The high multitaskers are always drawing from all the information in front of them. They can't keep things separate in their minds."
  • Kevin Marks on Twitter:
    – Flow: not an unread count of messages, just a list of recent ones, so you don't have email's inbox problem
    – Faces: taps into deep mental structures that we all have to looks for faces and associate the information we receive with people we decide to trust
    – Phatic: full of social gestures that are like apes grooming each other (ununderstandable for outsiders)
    – Following: Making the relationship asymmetric enables the network to grow, yet keeps it an intimate experience
    – Publics: there is no such thing as ONE public sphere
    – Mutual Media: spontaneous order that emerges from people communicating in parallel
    – Small world networks: we're used to the idea of having an institution tell us what is news—but that is really a left-over anomaly from 20th Century mass media
  • Dare Obasanjo speculates why RSS readers never got mainstream:
    – prevalent folder and inbox paradigm inferior to river of news
    – read- only, doesn't allow for feedback/conversation within the tool itself
    – "faces" are missing! (feeds/feed item visualisation is impersonal)
    – hassle of RSS-subscribing
    "I hope eventually get fixed since it is holding back the benefits people can get from reading blogs and/other activity streams using the open & standard infrastructure of the Web"

    I'm still using an RSS reader and find it superior to twitter for useful stuff that takes a bit more patience than the umpteenth viral item…

  • Eerlijke presentatie door ingehuurd communicatiebureau over een "social media" project dat op een tenenkrommende manier is geflopt door onbegrip van de opdrachtgever (College Den Haag):
    – feedback vragen over een document dat al helemaal uitgewerkt en af is. Misschien wilden ze enkel lof horen – of zagen ze social media (de laatste hippe trend, toch) enkel als verspreidingskanaal, in plaats van conversatiekanaal?
    – geen aansluiting of gaan opzoeken van al bestaand communities (nee, het stadsbestuur wou er nog eens zijn eigen kanaal bij..)
    – aanwending wiki voor dit omvangrijk en abstract document dat al af was (resultaat: wiki is niet gebruikt)
    Resultaat: 2000 bezoekers (voor stad van 500.000 inwoners), bounce graad 50%, 500 bezoekers uit stadhuis zelf…
    Noot: het document zelf is wel degelijk aangevuld en bijgestuurd. Niet duidelijk of de online campagne daar echt wel bij geholpen heeft…
    Interessante lessons learned!
  • WP plugin that finds "conversations" on your posting elsewhere (Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg…) and allows you to display the associated comments inline with your own.

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
  • "Microsoft Research and Bill Gates have been working on a project together to release what Gates believes are some of the greatest science lectures ever recorded. These “Messenger” lectures were given by physicist Richard Feynman back in 1964 at Cornell University and Gates had the opportunity to watch them all while on vacation some 20 years ago. Gates felt after watching them that these lectures should be available to everyone because they explain what science is about while remaining engaging. He set about buying the rights to the seven lecture courses included in the series and making them available on the web. The result is Project Tuva (named after the Russian republic Feynman was fascinated with) which uses Silverlight as a base to present the lectures in a browser window. There is also an introduction video by Bill Gates explaining why Project Tuva exists and a video taking you through the features available on the site."

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