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  • Service that automatically saves the links you tweet to
    For me, it's still another medium though: Twitter is timely, conversational – Delicious is about storing and annotating resources.
  • "Content monetization is the downstream industry, and access is the upstream industry. Google doesn’t have to take over the upstream industry to increase its profits; it just has to destroy their toll booth. By disrupting complementary industries and making them more competitive, Google is increasing their profits in their downstream industry."

    Totally disagree with the conclusion though:
    "The broader lesson is that monopolies will provide public goods in complementary industries, meaning that they are not as economically harmful as a static analysis would suggest. This is something that policymakers and government agencies should keep in mind as they prosecute firms for antitrust violations."

  • "The LinkedIn API utilizes OAuth as its authentication method. OAuth is a standard model for negotiating developer authorization and granting access on behalf of specific users for performing API requests. One of OAuth's strengths is the availability of many third party and open source libraries, allowing developers to authenticate with LinkedIn quickly and in a similar manner to how they may authenticate with services like Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Netflix "

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