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  • Archives links just like – approach is different – idea is that authors use it to refer to ephemeral internet sources…

    "Authors increasingly cite webpages and other digital objects on the Internet, which can "disappear" overnight. In one study published in the journal Science, 13% of Internet references in scholarly articles were inactive after only 27 months. Another problem is that cited webpages may change, so that readers see something different than what the citing author saw. The problem of unstable webcitations and the lack of routine digital preservation of cited digital objects has been referred to as an issue "calling for an immediate response" by publishers and authors"

  • If you want to save the content/state of a website at a certain moment, e.g. to have proof afterwards:

    "Iterasi […] allows us to create valid archives of very complex pages, pages which other archiving services cannot successfully reproduce (e.g., pages with complex technologies like AJAX, Javascript, and more).

    Iterasi is the only tool that allows you to capture web content from 5 different sources:

    * Site Spider: Archives an entire website or any branch within a website regularly or on demand.
    * Page Capture: Archives a single webpage once or on a regular schedule.
    * RSS Eater: Archives the contents of any RSS feed (e.g., blog feeds, Twitter feeds, etc.)
    * Topical Capture: Monitors social media and news for keywords and archives the results.
    * Page Notary Tool: Archives any webpage you browse with the click of a button, even password protected pages, or pages behind a firewall."

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Monday, December 13th, 2010
  • Good overview article on Facebook.

    “You can integrate a person’s friends into almost anything and make [it] instantly more engaging and viral,” he told me. “You care so much more about your friends. It’s not an intellectual thing. It’s hard-wired into humans that you need to focus on what the people around you are doing. It’s this very visceral, deep thing. That, I think, is the structural thing that is going to make it so that all these industries change.”

    But again, revealing how much the world view of the people building a system that is influencing so many people's lives, is that of a College student.