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  • "analyzes data using the text analysis program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) originally developed at the University of Texas at Austin and the Auckland Medical School in New Zealand. Unlike most traditional word counting methods, LIWC focuses on the almost-invisible function or junk words that we rely on. Junk words include pronouns (I, you they), articles (a, the, an), prepositions (to, with, for) and other small words that typically hold together more content-heavy nouns and regular verbs.

    Across dozens of studies, junk words have proven to be powerful markers of peoples psychological states. When individuals use the word I, for example, they are briefly paying attention to themselves. People experiencing high levels of physical or mental pain automatically orient towards themselves and begin using I-words at higher rates. I-use, then, can reflect signs of depression, stress or insecurity."

  • Did some research today and this looks like the best choice to add a TOC for a WordPress post or page.
    Works fine on a WP3.1 installation. Customizable CSS, configurable TOC title.

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