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Monday, June 27th, 2011
  • in-depth analysis on what makes internet startups successful based on data from over 650 startups.
    14 more of our key findings:

    1. Founders that learn are more successful
    2. Startups that pivot once or twice times raise 2.5x more..
    3. Many investors invest 2-3x more capital than necessary in startups that haven't reached problem solution fit yet
    4. Investors who provide hands-on help have little or no effect on the company's operational performance
    5. Solo founders take 3.6x longer to reach scale stage compared to a founding team of 2..
    6. Business-heavy founding teams are 6.2x more likely to successfully scale with sales driven startups than with product centric startups.
    7. Technical-heavy founding teams are 3.3x more likely to successfully scale with product-centric startups with no network effects than with product-centric startups that have network effects.
    8. Balanced teams with one technical founder and one business founder raise 30% more money,..

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
  • Podcast interview with Gavin Andresen in April (before the main hype).

    "Gavin Andresen, Principal of the BitCoin Virtual Currency Project, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about BitCoin, an innovative attempt to create a decentralized electronic currency. Andresen explains the origins of BitCoin, how new currency gets created, how you can acquire BitCoins and the prospects for BitCoin's future. Can it compete with government-sanctioned money? How can users trust it? What threatens BitCoin and how might it thrive? "

  • Artikel in de pers over bewijskracht van email in rechtszaken. Vreemd genoeg wordt de authenticiteit van een email zelden betwist in een rechtszaak, net misschien omdat bijzonder weinig mensen weten dat een email helemaal geen bewijskracht heeft?
    Interessant: RPost en CopyConfirm worden genoemd als email-notarisdiensten.
  • Like the MAC addresses of wifi Access points, some of our phones and laptop's MAC addresses are also registered in Google and Skyhook location services. It is unclear at this point if it is caused by the fact that tethering devices are seen as access points or by an mistake on Google/Skyhook's side.

    BTW: since Google/Skyhook probably considers these MAC addresses as fixed, the risk is not so much that you're being tracked – more that it reveals your home address, since that is statistically the most likely location where your MAC address has been captured.

    "Tests performed over the last week by CNET and security researcher Ashkan Soltani showed that approximately 10 percent of laptops and mobile phones using Wi-Fi appear to be listed by Google as corresponding to street addresses. Skyhook Wireless' list of matches appears to be closer to 5 percent."

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