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  • ""Flash Cookies", also known as Local Storage Objects, or LSOs, are similar to browser cookies, however they are created and managed by Adobe Flash. Recently, Adobe has updated Flash to integrate with Internet Explorer's Delete Browsing History feature so that these cookies are easier for users to manage. If you click Tools->Safety->Delete Browsing History, and then delete your cookies, your Flash Cookies will automatically be deleted for you."

    Simple demo to show how flash cookies are saved independent from your browser… (and circumvent e.g. the Firefox profiles trick to keep cookies separate)

  • "draw a very simple graph of the web, with a node for each language and an edge between two languages if more than one percent of the offsite links in the first language land on pages in the second. To make things a little clearer, we only show the languages which have at least a hundred thousand pages and have a strong link with another language, meaning at least 1% of off-site links go to that language"

    Visible connections:

    Dutch/French (Belgium) and Czech/Slovak duos, Swiss languages, Iberian languages, ex-USSR and Balkan cluster, Malay/Indonesian

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